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 Dawn Salsbury

Terry Harrison


The Bissboro Flute Trio has been together since  the year 2000 in a different form although the current members have played together for most of that time and as we originally rehearsed in Trowbridge we named ourselves after the local river, a sort of “Hardyism” as was the practice of Thomas Hardy e.g. Exeborough for Exeter and so on.

We currently play and are available to play in Wiltshire, Bath and the surrounding areas. The whole approach of the Trio is of a very relaxed nature to most things especially the music, as we believe that the best results are achieved that way.

Over the years, we have performed many varied engagements but it is probably true to say that we are at our best in an informal setting providing background music to a wedding reception, summer fete, birthday celebration and even a Halloween party on one occasion. For several years now, we have been one of the official entertainers at the famous Bath Christmas Market.

The music we play is quite varied and covers light classical, jazz standards and music specifically written for flutes. Listen to a few Samples of our music.




Terry was taught by his father (a professional flautist) initially as a youngster and then did other things for a number of years but then returned to the flute as an adult and studied with local teachers.

Terry has played in the now discontinued Wessex Flute Band, several local concert bands and currently plays weekly with Chippenham Town Band.


For more than 30 years Dawn has travelled extensively with Corsham Youth Concert Band and Chippenham Town Band, performing in a number of countries including France, Germany and Norway. She has also participated in international music festivals in Strasbourg and performed in the Royal Festival  Hall in London as a finalist in the National Festival of Music for Youth.
Dawn was a part-time flute teacher for 10 years.  She also worked as a Web Developer for local government for 17 years. As well as performing with the Bissboro Trio Dawn also performs in Chippenham Town Band, having been a member for nearly 20 years.



Kevin learned flute whilst working in Germany and is an excellent all round musician but it is fair to say that he is probably better known for his work with the saxophone.

Kevin teaches this instrument both in local schools and privately and plays/has played in local bands, jazz, swing and soul. For this reason, Kevin generally takes the lead in the Jazz numbers.



Prices are negotiable and will vary depending on…

-          Distance to travel

-          Duration of event

-          Type of event


Email or phone a member to receive a quote for your event


The trio would welcome enquiries for engagements of the above type.  

Contact numbers are listed below.


Kevin Poplett  01225 867451

Terry Harrison 01225 777245


Email :


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